The 25 Best Geeky Stocking Stuffers for 2022

Person using Smart Kup cup holder
Smart Kup

If you’re looking for some fun and useful stocking stuffers, look no further. From phone accessories to handy Everyday Carry gadgets, we have a little something for everybody.

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For the Home and Office: Handy Gadgets for Everyone

From the home office to the living room, these gifts will help keep your giftee organized, entertained, and pain-free after a long day.

The Anchor Headphone Hook

Why clutter up your desk with a headphone stand when you can hang your headphones underneath on this hook?

Soulwit Cable Holder 3-Pack

Give the gift of never having to fish behind the desk for a missing charging cable again. These little silicone cable management strips keep USB cables and other small cables from sliding away.

Roku 4K Streaming Stick

Roku streaming sticks are a great value and so economical you can pop one in a stocking without breaking the bank.

Davinci Tool

You can’t fit a foam roller in a stocking, but you can fit one of these little caltrop-looking Davinci in there. It’s perfect for sore necks, sore shoulders, and all the myriad of sore bits you get from spending too much time at your desk.

Anker 4-Port USB Hub

Whether they need more ports on their desktop or something handy to plug laptop accessories into, everybody loves a good USB hub.

It’s No Banana Phone: Useful Phone Accessories


Smartphones are so handy already, why not extend their usefulness by using them to track your gear, pairing them with some nice earbuds, or using a flexible tripod to take better pictures? Good accessories make great gifts because they make our phones even more useful.

Apple AirTag

The AirTag is a beloved product for a good reason. It’s Bluetooth tracking with a polished Apple experience and you really can’t beat it. Drop one in every stocking and help your whole family keep track of their stuff.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

AirTag might be king for iPhone owners, but if you’re shopping for an Android owner the Tile tags are pretty great too. Perfect for the person on your list that seems to lose everything.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo Earbuds

For good-sounding earbuds that won’t break the bank (but will fit in a stocking!) it’s tough to beat a pair of Sesh Evo buds from Skullcandy. The case even has a built-in Bluetooth tracker to help locate your lost earbuds!

Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

This little phone sanitizer not only nukes germs with a UV light but wirelessly charges their phone. And at this price point, you might as well give one to everybody on your list.

Joby GripTight

As far as portable mini tripods go, you’d be hard-pressed to find better than Joby products. Perfect smartphone, action cams, and more.

Vroom, Vroom: Accessories for the Car


Most of us spend a lot of time in the car, so car-centric stocking stuffers are a welcome gift. Help your giftee charge their devices better, keep their phone front and center, and even diagnose what’s going on with their car with these helpful stocking stuffers.

Anker 32W USB-C Car Charger

Keep high power gadgets topped off with this Anker car charger. You can fast charge phones with the power-delivery USB-C port and power other devices off the regular port.

Lamicall Car Vent Phone Mount

You can spend a lot on a car mount for your phone, but why waste the money when this little guy works so well? Buy one for every stocking and people will love you.

Veepeak Mini OBDII Scanner

Pop this little dongle on a port under your dashboard and, boom, you can finally figure out what that check engine light is all about. A perfect gift for the curious car enthusiast on your list.

Smart Kup Expanded Cup Holder

If your giftee loves their oversized water bottle, this clever little cup holder insert turns a standard cup holder into a mega cup holder that can accommodate big Hydroflask, Yeti, and other brand water bottles.

Resqme Emergency Escape Tool

Car chargers and phone holders are quite useful, but this little emergency escape tool might just end up a lifesaver.

Everyday Carry: Live That MacGyver Life


If you’re shopping for somebody that loves Everyday Carry (EDC) gear, this is the section for you. Keychain tools, pocket flashlights, sleek wallets and money clips, and extra useful but compact things like concert ear plugs are always welcome additions to the EDC tool belt.

Anker Rechargeable Pen Light

From car repairs to inspecting your furnace, this bright little penlight is so handy to have around. And you never have to worry about dropping your smartphone in a tight space!

KeySmart Pro Key Organizer

One part key organizer, one part Bluetooth tracker, and one part flashlight, this compact tool pack a lot in a little space.

Gerber Shard

There are a lot of micro keychain tools on the market, but the Gerber keeps it nice and compact. This little titanium tool features three screwdriver tips, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a little prying wedge.

Slim Clip Money Clip

Forget bulky wallets, the Slim Card is a stainless steel money clip that holds cash and cards. Give it to a friend, and it’ll last them a lifetime. You’d need a hammer or an angle grinder to damage the thing.

DownBeats Ear Plugs

The world is a noisy place. Give the gift of hearing protection with these low-profile earplugs. With their keychain canister they’re always on hand when you need them.

Board Games: So Much Stocking Size Fun


While you might think of big boxes and lots of pieces when you think of board games, there are so many compact games on the market these days. All of the following games will easily slip into a stocking and offer a lot of fun and replayability at a stocking-stuffer price point.

Sushi Go Party!

This upgraded version of the classic Sushi Go! party game is a must-have. It plays fast, it’s easy to learn, and it’s absolutely adorable. The clever around-the-table mechanic keeps all the cards moving like an assembly line and everyone on their toes in the process.

The Crew

This cooperative game is deep space romp that puts a fun twist on the tradition of trick-taking card games. It plays fast and with 50 different potential missions, there is high replay value.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

This variation of the Werewolf is fantastic for fast play. Even better, nobody need to be left out and stuck playing the moderator. Download the free phone app and let the app run the rounds so everyone can play.


You can play with anywhere from two players to more than a dozen in this fast-paced spy game. It’s a hit everywhere we bust it out and big gatherings at the holidays are a perfect time to play.


Forget living happily ever after. Gloom is a total inversion of the typical fairy tale game tropes. You’re not playing to win fame and fortune. You’re playing to die in the most miserable way.

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